underwater hull cleaning

Why choose Diving Status?

Quick Response

DIVING STATUS  is based at Piraeus (Perama) Docks, with own diving support/work boats. Piraeus is ideally situated between East Mediterranean, Sea Basin and Black Sea. Our company operates a 24-hour callout service to enable a quick response to emergency calls.


Deliver Quality

DIVING STATUS  is one of the first companies in Greece having its processes and procedures certified by all major classification societies for meeting the highest standards of Health, Safety and Quality within the industry.


Experience and high quality equipment

The long term experience and the trained personnel in accordance to the latest technology machinery offer a comprehensive range of solutions to every marine contract.


Preventing the need for additional high costs or dry-dock

“The most effective way to improve the overall fuel economy is to run a regularly based cleaning program for the hull and propellers”

DIVING STATUS  has committed itself to execute these tasks as cost effective and swift as possible with the highest standards and quality for operators and equipment worldwide.