underwater hull cleaning

Underwater Ship Repair

DIVING STATUS has continued to develop a variety of innovative procedures and equipment to carry out numerous underwater repair operations on ships and a diverse range of marine structures. Our expertise in underwater engineering and repair, combined with the expert diving services ensures that our company can offer flexible and cost effective solutions to our clients.

Among the various repair operations DIVING STATUS carries out, ship repairs contribute the largest proportion. DIVING STATUS regularly provides services such as:

  • Underwater Welding
  • Underwater Cutting
  • Aperture blanking
  • Propeller blade repair and cropping
  • Bilge keel cropping
  • Bow thruster repair
  • Rudder repair
  • Sealing stern tube glands
  • Blank off sea chests (suctions and discharges, etc.) to facilitate repairs inside vessel
  • Zinc Anode replacement
  • ICCP and Cathodic protection Shields replacement
  • Echo sounders and speed logs replacement
  • Locate, assess and repair underwater oil leaks
  • Repairing damage by underwater welding and patching or steel plate insert by means of cofferdam and crack arresting

For crack damage, assessments can be made using NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) technologies such as MPI (Magnetic Particle Inspection) to determine the extent of the damage prior to repair. Inspection and repair procedures such as these can often provide a cost-effective alternative to dry docking the ship.