underwater hull cleaning

Underwater Ship Maintenance

“The most effective way to improve the overall fuel economy is to run a regularly based cleaning program for the hull and propellers”

DIVING STATUS offers a fully comprehensive underwater ship maintenance service. Our experienced underwater engineers and diver inspectors understand the complexities of such work and, as part of the DIVING STATUS team, embrace the challenge of undertaking these special and often innovative tasks. Every service provided by DIVING STATUS includes also an underwater inspection along with a detailed report with photos and videos before and after the tasks performed.


Underwater Hull Cleaning

DIVING STATUS has been cleaning ships underwater for more than three decades and during this time we have built up a good reputation and a strong network with owners and management companies nationally and worldwide.

Hull cleaning can be performed in a few hours due to our innovative hydraulic multi-brush systems, which are environmental friendly. Hull cleaning includes cleaning of Flat Bottom, Vertical Sides, Sea Chests Grids and Rudder.


Underwater Propeller polishing

Propeller polishing is an operation DIVING STATUS is increasingly asked to carry out in today’s fuel-efficiency conscious climate. Careful monitoring of ship performance has shown that a power saving of 10 – 20% can be achieved following effective propeller cleaning and polishing. After underwater polishing, bunker consumption savings of 3 – 8% can realistically be expected.

The polishing operation is conducted using the Rupert Gauge Roughness Comparator as a standard to assess and report on propeller blade surface condition.


Underwater fitting and replacement of anodes

Anode is a metal alloy that prevents the valuable parts of the vessel from corroding. Extensive growth or worn out anodes do not provide appropriate protection for the metal parts and those essential parts can start corroding. Regular inspection and timely replacement of the anodes will keep vessel running safely.

DIVING STATUS undertakes tasks relative to installation and replacement of anodes, following any method that satisfies our customer needs.