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Job opening (Lathes Machinist)

Posted on Apr 24, 2017 in News

Job opening (Lathes Machinist)
Job Description
Be part of our Technical team in Acharnes Greece!

The skilled operator works as part of a manufacturing line operating a variety of machines. Skilled operators will produce parts in tolerance at the rate required by each operation.

Responsibilities include:
  • Operates and maintains set-up on multi-axis numerically controlled (NC) lathes machine tools; and, will address offsets, perform changeovers and set-ups such as changing tool holders, inserts, collets, etc.
  • Performs various combinations of lathe operations such as turning, facing, boring, threading, drilling, reaming, contouring, etc. on metal forgings, casting, bar stock, etc.    May run multiple machines at a work center, while lifting, pulling and pushing manufactured products at the established rate of production.
  • Set-up, operate and inspect manufactured product on a manual lathe. Repeatedly lifting, tilting, loading and unloading the product from the lathe. Frequently reading and comprehending blue prints, PCR’s and other work related documents.
  • At all times demonstrates common safety practices associated with the manufacturing environment and the use of hand or industrial equipment.
  • Is required to recognize problems, make corrective adjustments and /or notify appropriate supervision.
  • Ability to read and follows established company directives, policies, quality documents and manufacturing instructions.

Minimum Experience

  • Machining degree from a college or technical school or any combination of education, training or equivalent work related experience.
  • Must be able to pass a practical exam and work evaluation that includes elements of lathes machining including comprehension of operations process, ability to initiate process from keyboard functions, knowledge of cutting tools and effects on workpiece, positioning workpiece in a fixture, chuck, etc.; the work assessment specifically targets the knowledge, skills, abilities and desire needed to perform all essential duties efficiently, safely, and satisfactorily.
  • Must be able to demonstrate ability to maintain/correct offsets and changeovers; observe activity to verify proper metal removal, inspect and verify accuracy of work piece.
  • Knowledge of process specifications and part specific operations, basic computer skills and ability to input and verify data and other information into computers.

Additional Personal Traits

  • Works with integrity in all aspects of work and able to work collaboratively with various functional groups.
  • Accountable for the quality of the work, reliable and dependable in support of the team.
  • Follows safety practices and policies, maintaining a safety minded culture.  Keeps work area clean and orderly.

Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer – Minorities/Females/Protected Veterans/Disabled