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Health & Safety

It is DIVING STATUS’ commitment first and foremost always providing a safe working environment, ensuring the health and safety at all times of our employees and our clients.  The ongoing responsibility in the safety of its diving operations entails the continuous training of its personnel, the implemention of programs, policies and procedures to facilitate for a safer DIVING STATUS operation.  Striving for a safer work environment leads to more efficient and productive effort in providing clients the quality results needed to compete in today’s and future subsea market.


To achieve our objectives, DIVING STATUS recognizes that demonstrating commitment is crucial. The following key measures have been implemented to help us towards achieving our goals:

  • Ensuring that all of our operations are conducted in accordance with, or exceed the requirements of all pertinent health & safety legislation and relevant industry guidance and good practice.
  • Provide training for employees to help them complete their work in a safe manner and to invest in the development of new knowledge and skills in order to enhance their competence.
  • Implementation of a robust risk management process to ensure all operations are comprehensively assessed to identify hazards and effective control measures are applied as far as reasonably practicable to reduce residual risk.
  • Ensure all plant & equipment utilized is effectively managed in a manner to provide our employees with reliable, safe equipment.


health and safety